Experience the beneficial treatment by an experienced caretaker. Give yourself a gift and enjoy it for days. This is possible as a once only treatment, but also periodically, whatever is needed.


A Jin Shin Jyutsu session lasts about an hour. It is a gentle and non-invasive method that causes deep relaxation. This is exercised by placing the fingertips or hands (over clothing) on energy fields; which are called “Security Energy Locks” in Jin shin Jyutsu. The Security energy locks are all interconnected. If they are blocked by stress or tension, the energy pathways – which provide our entire system, physically and mentally with life energy – also become unbalanced. This expresses itself with fatigue and all kinds of physical or mental complaints and illnesses. 

Starting therapy

A nice and relaxing way is to start a session for example with a small cup of tea, so that the client can sit down, land and briefly tell how things are going and/or what his question is when he first comes. Listening to the pulse, the story and the physical body then gives me enough information about the flow of energy in the body. Unlike Western medicine, the emphasis is not on diagnosis, but on balancing the life energy. Almost all diseases start with energy that is slowed down or blocked. The further session consists of the soft touch of “safety energy locks” in different combinations, until harmony of energy and pulsation is achieved. The practitioner uses his/her hands as “jumper cables” of energy to charge the “battery of life”, allowing the life energy to flow freely through the body again.

A method and an art

JIN SHIN JYUTSU helps us to release and resolve stress-induced stress – mentally, physically, or emotionally.
Life energy – which flows through a network of energy channels in our body – can be inhibited or blocked in certain places by tension and stress. The relevant place or places are therefore out of balance. We often experience this as pain or discomfort. If we do not harmonize that, that disturbed area can expand and eventually bring the entire energy path out of balance. This can lead to even more inconveniences and even to illness. Fortunately we can solve this, by placing our hands or fingers on the ‘Safety energy locks’ – these are the energy fields that are on and along the energy channels in our body – we bring the stagnated or blocked energy back to flowing and restore harmony and balance at all levels.

Jin Shin Jyutsu
The art of getting to know (and support) myself

"Invest in yourself. In your health, your strength and the right harmony between your body, mind and spirit. You are worth it!"
Ingrid Kainz